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Hair Extensions

Roo has created HaireX offering bespoke and high quality extensions at affordable prices, Roo believe it works out more cost effective to charge per strand and therefore prices are based on desired looks and individual requirements.


You have the option of lengths, thickness and type of extension. You may already know which type of extension you prefer and length, if not then this can be discussed in the initial consultation and advised based on your requirements, lifestyle, hair type and hair condition.


Hair is available in a choice of 4 lengths and is cut and layered to blend perfectly.

You can choose from 3 different Pre-Bonded fitting techniques;

Keratin - otherwise known as "glue in" or bonded, this is applied using heat, very secure, the extensions are not re-usable after removal unless you pay for an additional service to turn them into stick tip extensions (for micro rings)

Copper Tube or Micro Rings - Very comfortable, barely detectable and hair is re-usable making them more cost effective.

Nano Ring - The newest Pre-Bonded technique, similar to Micro Rings except the bead is much smaller, not suitable for all hair types but a firm favourite of many hair extensionistas.

Prices and Lengths are :

16" - Mid Back - £2.95 per strand

18" - Waist - £3.50 per strand

20" - Lower Back - £3.95 per strand

22" - Bottom of Back - £4.50 per strand

Number of Strands :

25 Strands - A Subtle/Mild Thickness Boost or to add Highlights

50 Strands - A Mild/Medium Thickness Boost

100 Strands - Thickness Boost and add length for longer hair

150 Strands - Adds Thickness and Length

200 Strands - Luxury Thickness and Length


£50 at time of booking but that is deducted off total therefore are FREE

When you book the fitting appointment 50% is taken and the final balance is then payable at the fitting appointment.

Maintenance appointments 

1st appointment (2 weeks after fitting) is FREE

Thereafter £50 per hour.

Move Up After Regrowth (Nano rings and Micro Rings)

£2 per strand

Complete Removal (Fusion, Nano and Micro Rings)

£50 per hour

Fitting appointments include a cut and expert hair blend and maintenance lesson



Nano Rings in Hair

Nano Rings 

Micro Rings

Micro Rings in Hair

The above two images are a before and after of a male actor from BBC's The Musketeers. To suit his character he needed to have longer hair so Roo applied a whole head of nano ring extensions and cut to the required length.